Growth in Navy Unmanned Systems supports need for Cybersecurity

Sailors Preparing UUV

Sailors Prepare Underwater Unmanned Vehicle The evolution of unmanned systems in the Navy and Department of Defense continues to move at a rapid pace. From April 19-26, The Navy held a joint exercise to demonstrate how manned and unmanned elements could act as a team to provide enhanced capabilities to the fleet.  The exercise serves…

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Secmation Featured in GrepBeat Article

Secmation was recently featured in a GrepBeat article by Laura Brummett titled Robotics And Cybersecurity Meet Their Match With Raleigh-Based Secmation In the article, Secmation’s Founder/CEO Dr. Hal Aldridge discusses the need for a company like Secmation, saying: “Traditional cybersecurity protects everyday computers where, when you push a button, you can change, say, a character…

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Hackers Target Drinking Water in Florida

Water Treatment Facility

On a sunny day in Florida during February 2021, a plant operator at a water treatment facility in Oldsmar noticed something unusual. According to the Tampa Bay Times the levels of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, had been increased to levels of more than 100x what is thought to be safe. Thinking this might…

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ICS Security – More Important Than Ever

Industrial Control Systems

In 2007, an experiment proved that hackers targeting electrical utility would have little trouble damaging critical elements of America’s power grid. Even though the experiment happened several years ago the outcomes are still relevant and relate to the ICS security work Secmation is currently undertaking. This happened about 10 years ago and has been known…

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