Defense Product Cybersecurity

ecmation provides engineering, technology, and tools for cybersecurity in new and existing products.  We specialize in security for Defense applications not well served by traditional Defense/IT solutions including:

  • Innovative new products
  • Products with new security needs
  • New operational uses
  • Transitioning COTS systems to Defense applications

We are Experienced Defense Product Developers first and Security Experts second.  Our Security Cleared staff has participated in Defense product development through the full lifecycle.  We understand the Government procurement, rigorous development, secure manufacturing/supply chain, and ongoing support processes needed for product success.

We support the full Security Lifecycle including certification. Secmation engineers have led development of COMSEC devices and are experts in TRANSEC methods and analysis. We understand Government security requirements for GOTS and COTS products in classified and unclassified applications including Type-1 (SAB and TSAB) and FIPS 140B.  We provide full design services including support of certification activities.   We use modern security tools and processes enabling a competitive cost advantage and lowering project risk.


Secmation is uniquely positioned to support development of secure Unmanned Systems (Air, Underwater, Surface, Ground, and Space).  Members of our staff have experience developing both Unmanned Systems and Security Products for Governments and Large Organizations.  This experience enables us to understand the implications of cybersecurity for Unmanned Systems current and future.


Communication Security (COMSEC) methods are commonly used to protect sensitive communications.  While COMSEC can prevent an adversary from exploiting data, it does not address the reliability of the data transmission or the detection of the transmission.  As Electronic Warfare threats have grown, the use of Transmission Security (TRANSEC) to address reliability and detection issues is becoming a requirement.  While COMSEC and TRANSEC use some common methods, many COMSEC developers are not familiar with TRANSEC resulting in longer development timelines which can leave systems vulnerable to attack.


Cybersecurity is not just the Prime Contractors/Integrator’s Responsibility anymore.  New security requirements and regulations directly affect Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Subcontractors.


Secmation's unique capabilities (including Rapid Start and Security Express) combined with our Staff's Defense Product Development experience enables Secmation to assist new and established Defense organizations improve cybersecurity.