(Modularity X Security) = Acceleration


Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems


Include Cryptography From The Start

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We are an agile engineering services firm providing advanced DoD level security design and consultation services for both commercial and defense hardware and software applications

Threats to Government and Commercial unmanned systems are evolving rapidly.  These threats are resulting in new regulatory and certification requirements that can significantly slow the development and deployment of advanced systems.  Secmation’s unmanned systems cybersecurity solutions enable rapid development of unmanned systems with cybersecurity “baked-in”.

Seamless connectivity for Industrial Control Systems is becoming a requirement to maximize efficiency.  “Air-gapped” solutions are no longer an option.  Secmation provides high assurance wired/wireless solutions enabling distributed control systems to leverage modern networking security technologies in ICS applications such as facility and energy control.

From IoT to Defense systems, deployments of increasingly complex embedded systems in critical applications continues to present cybersecurity challenges.  Our solutions provide enhanced protections in embedded applications.  We address security challenges in the protection of Critical Program Information and Software Defined Communications.

Secmation’s encryption technologies provide modern solutions for low Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) embedded systems while maintaining high-assurance protections.  We have technologies that support both classified and unclassified applications.