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Secmation is a small business that provides engineering, technology, and tools to add information security to new and existing products.  We specialize in emerging security applications that are not well served by traditional IT solutions.  Our goal is to demystify security design, manage/develop it like any other technology, and keep product teams focused on the success of their product.

We are product developers first and security experts second. We understand the challenges product teams have and integrate with them providing our security experience to support a successful launch.



Hal Aldridge has 20+ years of product development experience in applications including automation, defense, aerospace, and secure equipment.  His background in product development, automation, and security gives him a unique perspective on new applications of security in embedded systems with connectivity to the cloud.

  • As Director of Engineering he led the design, development, and launch of high security COMSEC equipment that protects critical networks from the most advanced attacks
  • As CTO, he is a recognized expert in information security that has led advanced research teams and has been an invited speaker at multiple events
  • As Technical Director, he has lead the design and development of multiple robotic systems currently in use by Defense and Homeland Security organizations worldwide

Dr. Aldridge earned a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University specializing in Robotics and Fault Tolerant Control Systems.