Industrial Control Systems


As legacy ICS systems evolve and new systems are deployed, their topology and connectivity can change.  Traditional “Air Gapped” solutions are difficult to maintain and are not adequate to provide the integration needed to support the Industry 4.0 promises of improved efficiency and lower cost.  

For Critical Infrastructure and Defense applications, cybersecurity protections must have certified, high assurance protections to address advanced threats.  Most commercially available ICS equipment does not have adequate cybersecurity protections.  For equipment that claims to provide that level of protection, it is difficult to verify the claims.  Even if the claims can be verified, it can be a long and expensive process to obtain required certifications and approvals delaying deployment of cybersecurity solutions.  These delays in deployment leave both new and legacy systems at risk.

Applications that require remote connectivity between ICS devices are becoming more common.  For example, a solar array controller may request information from a remote weather station to optimize energy production.  The weather station may be in a remote location and require a secure communications link to ensure false weather data is not used by the solar array controller.  To provide the communications link, it may not be practical to use wired, traditional short-range ICS wireless transports (e.g. Zigbee, IEEE 802.15.4), or proprietary radio networks for transport due to availability, cost, and/or time to deploy.   With the emergence of Internet of Things specific cellular protocols available from multiple cellular providers, these cellular systems can be used for ICS applications.  These services will continue to improve during the transition to 5G.  However, the security of the transport providers cannot be guaranteed.  

Secmation Solution

Secmation provides security equipment and technologies design from the ground up to protect industrial control systems in high security applications.  These solutions incorporate encryption, advanced security features including an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System supporting standard ICS protocols, and centralized remote security management.  These solutions support both wired and wireless communications standards including cellular.  

A path to regulatory compliance is essential to lower deployment time and cost.  Secmation solutions provide FIPS 140-2 certified encryption required by many applications,  Data packages to support DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) certifications of systems that incorporate Secmation solutions are available to enable more rapid deployment.  Secmation solutions can address the majority of technical NIST 800-53 security requirements applicable to ICS deployments.

A key feature of the Secmation solutions is their flexibility.  Secmation solutions are designed to integrate with both new and legacy systems by requiring minimal change to existing designs.  Secmation can provide the solutions as production equipment or as hardware/software components that can be incorporated into an OEM design along with integration/customization services.